Following Yama’s Apocalypse in 2006 and the Battle of Jerusalem in February of 2011, the Talent Phenomenon continued to escalate. Omega class, or “mad”, Talents became more common, often manifesting as personifications of deities or other religious figures. The world is no longer what it was. While “nation states” continue to exist, it’s a vestigial sort of existence, made irrelevant by the sheer power of the returned gods and the millions who follow or serve them. Geographical boundaries are no longer nearly as important as ideological ones, especially when the gods can simply create new worlds at their leisure.

They aren’t the only ones. The Odal Rune peddles made-to-order pocket-universes to those who don’t have a patron deity or who wish merely to escape an increasingly dangerous world. The Internet itself, governed by the omnipresent spirit of a mysterious Omega Talent, is capable of linking people in ways beyond mere technology.

Amidst the chaos Section 2 continues to operate. Although technically still the covert Talent agency of the United States, it loosed those bonds some time ago. Now it operates freely, seeking to preserve a secular, free society amidst the clamoring charisma of resurgent gods.

This is my third and final Section 2 campaign, following Section 2 and Section 2-Aftermath

Section 2 - Apotheosis