Dr. Kristoff von Karsten

Patriarch of the Odal Rune

  • Name: Dr. Kristoff von Karsten, AKA Father
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Political Affiliation: Odal Rune
  • Education: PhD in Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • DOB: 12/28/1897
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Dr. von Karsten has developed extensive technologies based on a strange bluish energy only he seems capable of harnessing. His many papers outlining this “Etheric Plasma” and how it can be utilized have never been scientifically duplicated but the many devices he has built utilizing, or powered by, this substance indisputably work.

Records of Kristoff von Karsten’s early life were lost in World War 2, either deliberately or through accident of war. The false documentation provided through Operation Paperclip obscures the trail even further. What is known is that von Karsten was a controversial student in Berlin during World War 1 who consistently challenged and exasperated his professors with his desire to take Physics “out of Academia and into the Real World,” which meant, essentially, developing weapons of war.

Dr. von Karsten was one of many outspoken intellectuals who decried the oppressive war reparations Germany had to make, and he was readily swept up into the burgeoning Nazi party rhetoric and ideology. One of the few surviving examples of his writings from this period praises Der Flieger, the first known Talent, as a living example of the broad mysteries science systematically ignores by doggedly clinging to accepted avenues of investigation. Shortly after Der Flieger made news throughout the world at the 1936 Olympics, Dr. von Karsten had his breakthrough. His widely dismissed theories of “Etheric Plasma,” the medium in which atomic particles interact, suddenly bore direct fruit. Elated, he began immediately applying his discoveries in practical ways, publishing only token papers about his breakthrough. He was convinced that a German army marching in step with his etheric weapons would sufficiently prove his theories to a skeptical scientific establishment.

He ran into some difficulties however. Etheric plasma was difficult to work with, and the devices he constructed required constant attention. He soon realized that mass production of etheric weaponry was not yet viable, and so began constructing devices to facilitate long-distance communication and information gathering. Such devices typically were large and maintained by him, but fed via a satellite of smaller, simpler devices that “beamed” their information to the central hub device using sub-atomic etheric principles understood only by Dr. von Karsten. The success of such devices brought him to Hitler’s personal attention and he was shortly made a high-ranking intelligence officer in the Reich.

As the war in Europe ground on, and Dr. von Karsten’s devices continued to elude the ability of other scientists, he came to the inevitable conclusion that he himself, on some psychic level, was providing the necessary extra “push” that made his theories work. Although bitterly disappointed at his failure to vindicate his scientific theories, he was elated to discover that he was, in fact, an “Ubermensch,” part of the new evolution of humanity.

The elation was short-lived. Dr. von Karsten’s access to reams of top secret information made it clear to him that Hitler was insane and his war was doomed. Embittered at the prospect of a second German loss, he found solace in his Austrian roots and began to covertly prepare the way for defection. He is thought to have been part of Admiral Canaris’s plot to assassinate Hitler, but managed to avoid the purge that came afterwards. He was able, however, to defect to the Allies as part of Operation Paperclip where records of “Kristoff von Karsten” suddenly vanish.

As was the case with most German Talents acquired through Operation Paperclip, Dr. von Karsten was absorbed into Section 2’s research and development arm. Although the Third Reich failed politically, Dr. von Karsten never lost his conviction that Talents were the next step in human evolution and were humanity’s natural rulers. He started communities and political action groups to encourage Talent research and Talent leadership. These groups eventually congealed into an international organization known as the Odal Rune. Section 2 was eventually compelled to terminate his employment due to irreconcilable political and ideological values.

Despite being well over a century old, and despite rumors of his assassination, “Father,” as he is known to the Odal Rune, is apparently still alive and active. His strange devices, at least, are still occasionally found in the possession of Odal Rune Talents, and the “Etheric Gateways” now entering production bear all the hallmarks of his Talent.

Dr. Kristoff von Karsten

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