Jameson Townsley

Scientist, Grade 3, Directorate of Research

  • Name: Jameson “Rook” Townsley
  • Nationality: UK
  • Political Affiliation: -
  • Education: PhD, Biology, Oxford University
  • DOB: 9/6/1967
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Primary Talent: Massive ranged biofeedback perception capable of pinpoint location and analysis of lifeforms and Talent usage. Secondary Talent: Hyperimmediate senses, capacity to translocate biological matter at great distance.

Jameson Townsley is first and foremost a scientist. He permitted himself to become recruited into Section 2 because that organization has access to a wide range of Talent individuals that could be studied and classified. Although Townsley’s powerful Talent permits him the capacity to perceive and analyze every living thing for a half-dozen miles around him, his most potent ability is that of Talent perception.

During much of his early time in Section 2 Townsley worked as a field operative for the Directorate of Operations. He was rapidly transferred to the Directorate of Research, however, after a number of incidents where he subverted mission objectives in order to procure living Talent specimens. His acknowledged intelligence and skill in helping Talents unlock their greater potential was deemed a better fit for Research than Operations.

Townsley has been granted special dispensation to work on a number of projects in cooperation with the Odal Rune with whom he has certain ideological sympathies.

Jameson Townsley

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