The Spirit of the Internet

Mad Talent

  • Name: Unknown
  • Nationality: Unknown, presumed United States
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: Unknown
  • DOB: Unknown
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: The Spirit of Internet has no physical or tangible form. “He” (psychological profiles indicate a high likelihood that it was originally male) is a disembodied intelligence that embodies and encompasses the Internet. He has the power to control all internet-enabled electronics, broken or otherwise, as if they were fully functioning. He appears to have access to all knowledge and information contained in every internet-enabled computer system in the world. He is capable of transporting anyone in physical contact with an internet-enabled device into an alternate “virtual” reality and cause them to emerge anywhere else within wireless range of an internet connection.

When San Francisco was destroyed by nuclear weapons during Yama’s Apocalypse, the EMP pulse destroyed most of the electronics and computer systems in neighboring San Jose bringing a sudden end to the technology-dominance of California’s “Silicon Valley.” The radioactive fallout, carried by winds, forced the population to flee.

Subsequent cleanup of the area by Dr. Silverman and others made the valley habitable once more. As people moved back into their homes, however, they noticed odd events, almost “hauntings,” that would accompany criminal acts, notably violence against women. Nearby electronics, even those burned out by the EMP, would come to life, often violently, to discourage such behavior. This gave rapid rise to the urban legend of the “Spirit of Silicon Valley,” a vengeful ghost of a dead computer geek who took it upon himself to guard San Jose.

The prevailing theory of the time was that the Spirit was a Mad Talent who manifested his ability during Yama’s Apocalypse. He was capable of communication via computer interfaces but rarely did so unless he had a reason. He didn’t interfere with resettlement of the Valley, but rebuilding was slow as many people were hesitant to move into a city with an invisible, all-powerful moral arbiter.

In 2010, Section 2, in an attempt to combat the rapid growth and uncontainable loyalty of an artificial machine-intelligence propagating throughout the Internet, engaged in a risky initiative to bond the Spirit of Silicon Valley to the global network, effectively killing the AI and placing a once-human (if no longer so) intelligence at the heart of global human information. Facilitated by the powerful Israeli tech-talent Hanna Kwaśniewski, Section 2 convinced the Spirit that the living, growing Internet made a much better home than the burned out husk of Silicon Valley. In the course of full integration, Ms. Kwaśniewski ended up permanently bonded to both the Spirit and the Internet.

The Spirit of the Internet is a gestalt containing both the psyche of the original mad Talent, Ms. Kwaśniewski, and the sum total of human knowledge contained on the network. The Spirit continues to be guided by the ideals and principles imbedded in the heart of the network, namely freedom and intellectual advancement. It is solely the power of the Spirit of the Internet that prevents those who freely seek its protection from being brainwashed and controlled by the many competing “gods” that have returned to gather their followers.

The Spirit of the Internet

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