Great Shaman of the Amazon

  • Name: Xucuru
  • Nationality: Amazonian Indigenous Tribe
  • Political Affiliation: None
  • Education: None
  • DOB: Unknown
  • DOD: -
  • Known Parahuman Abilities: Xucuru can summon forth and command all the spirits of all the ancestors of all the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. These spirits are capable of scouting for him, maintaining a perimeter and solidifying into physical warriors with poison-tipped arrows and spears. He can also summon the spirits of all the animals of the Amazon which appear to be able to manifest other Talent properties based on as-yet-catalogued shamanistic principles.

The Great Shaman Xucuru has always been able to summon and commune with the spirits. He and his tribe were semi-nomadic, moving deeper and deeper into the Amazon with every passing year to explicitly avoid contact with outsiders, who they believed would corrupt and poison their ways. One outsider, however, successfully found them. His name was Bataar, although he took the name Olawe. Bataar showed great respect for the ways of his new tribe, willingly abandoning all trappings of the outside world. Over the course of three years, Bataar’s quiet wisdom slowly convinced Xucuru that his people could flee the outside world no longer, and that the ancestors and spirits of the Amazon would arise at his call to defend the forest from corruption. Xucuru and his entire tribe migrated back to their original territories, summoning and gathering spirits as they went. Those outsiders who reacted in a hostile fashion to the spirits were killed.

The Great Shaman has been steadily expanding and consolidating his control over greater and greater stretches of the Amazon, and as his power has waxed, areas once clear-cut have mystically grown back. The Amazon encroaches with unnatural speed upon the pastures, orchards, and towns of rural Brazil. All who seek to fight the forest are never seen again.

Xucuru is not cruel, however. He and the dozens of tribes that have since flocked to his guidance welcome anyone of any nation or tribe so long as they give up all foreign trappings and live as one with the forest.


Section 2 - Apotheosis ardhanari