A Message From The Director

Some of you were once criminals. Some of you were foreign operatives who were captured or who defected. Some of you were American citizens who, for whatever reason, were unable to continue to operate in the public eye. None of this now matters. You are all Operatives for Section 2.

As you know, our training regimen is not a light one. Each of you has proven capable in a wide arena of skills. We have pushed you, hurt you, worn you down, stressed you, and put you in legitimate life or death situations. Now that your training is over, we will continue to do so. For those of you who have survived training, life as a Section 2 Operative will continue to be hard. It can, however, be rewarding.

You have gained combat skills where you once may have had none. You have gained tactical skills where you once may have had none. You have learned how to use our technology and our resources. You are ready for real operations.

By now you know the value of secrecy. It is a dangerous world, and getting more so by the year. Yama’s Apocalypse showed what just one powerful Talent could do to reshape the world. The Battle of Jerusalem showed that human faith and belief, taken to a mad extreme, can risk the lives of everyone on the planet. Secrecy is our most vital defense. Section 2 is most effective when we are not expected. Therefore, our security protocol is tight, unwavering, and final. You are not to have contact with anyone from your former life. Most of you are officially dead. Stay dead. Do not visit your parents. Do not sit alone in the dark outside the house of your former fiancé, spouse, or lover. You are dead to them. Section 2 is your family now. As Director, I am your mother. I am strict but I am fair. We are all comrades in a vital fight. While service is its own reward, there are others for those who excel.

During training, perhaps you assumed that you would never be allowed outside our facilities except on missions. This is not true. The mental health of our Talent Operatives is vital. Low morale can sap the effectiveness of your Talent powers. Each of you will be provided a cover identity, housing, and a stipend. You are free to pursue hobbies, friendships, even romantic entanglements. But when we call you in, you are to drop everything. Dinner plans, liaisons and movie tickets are inconsequential. You will come in for work, and you will never allow the slightest hint of what you truly do for a living to enter the minds of those you know outside. This will make deep relationships with anyone outside Section 2 understandably difficult. We do not apologize. This is the life you now lead. You are best served by accepting this reality. For our own security we will, of course, monitor you during your off-hours. You are not entitled to privacy. Simply accept that we may be watching at any time, and try to relax. You’ll need your rest.

As part of your graduation from the training regimen, you underwent a number of technological processes that may have seemed like something out of science fiction. Your ear canal might still feel a bit sensitive from the implantation of our communication system. It exists in a simple on-off state and you do not control whether it is on or off. Simply put, you speak, and others hear. They speak, and you hear. The set of people to whom you are connected at any given time is controlled by the Operator of your mission. Subvocal communication can be received and amplified, so even the slightest of vocalizations will be communicated in situations where silence is of the essence. This does, of course, mean that anything you say might be listened to by Section 2. Rest assured that we are not voyeurs. We could not care less what sweet nothings you whisper to a lover. So long as you are not whispering secrets to a foreign agent, we have little enough reason to pay attention.

The communication implant serves another function. It is your permanent link to the sentient internet. A Section 2 initiative bonded the global internet to a potent Talent who values freedom and secular democracy. This is your one and only defense should you come up against an Omega class, or “god” Talent. Do not seek to tamper with or remove the communication implant.

You have run through a number of training operations, and are therefore aware of how Operations Teams are set up. Your Team Leader is in charge of field-tactics and leadership. The Leader’s word is law on an operation. Success or failure is ultimately the Leader’s responsibility. You will have an Operator who will provide strategic and informational assistance, usually remotely. The Operator will often be at a Section 2 facility or a field base and will therefore have access to satellite information and up-to-date intelligence. They also facilitate communication with team members. The duties and responsibilities of any other team member depends on the needs of the operation and the decisions of the Leader.

Ultimately, your performance on operations will determine how you are treated and how much you are trusted for more delicate operations. Although you might die in an operation at any time, there is the potential for career growth. There are long-term deep cover operations that require extremely capable and highly trusted operatives. Such operations are often in non-combat roles and can double as vacations until you are activated. Everyone you will meet in the Directorate of Operations was once a field operative. Advancement is there for those with the ambition to seize it.

Welcome to Section 2 and to the Directorate of Operations.

A Message From The Director

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