For History up to Yama’s Apocalypse see Historical Entry A73

In the years following Lord Yama’s failed attempt to exterminate humanity, the nation-states of the world struggled to rebuild amidst a burgeoning Talent phenomenon. The increased visibility of Talents in the news and in daily life, let alone the threat of annihilation at their hands, psychologically primed the population for easier Talent manifestations. Talents became far more common, and varied widely in power. Most minor Talents manifested in moments of ordinary stress. Traumatic experiences could often if unpredictably bring about others. It became increasingly common, however, for extreme religious faith to also trigger the phenomenon. Since the correlation between Talent power and psychological schism was well known, those rare few who took religious faith to the inhuman degree of actually believing themselves divine often discovered that, in fact, they were.

Since one “god” nearly destroyed the human race, the stage was set for more “gods” to inevitably arise. The Pythia on Mount Olympos, who have prognosticated via their Talents since World War 2, suddenly began foretelling the return of their patron, Apollo. Osiris returned to Egypt in the form of young Andrew Goldfarb, a former Egyptologist. Shia Islam rediscovered the Occluded Imam, and Jesus Christ, incarcerated under the name of John McGrath in Leavenworth Prison since World War 2, decided it was time for Armageddon.

The confluence of multiple “Omega” or “mad” Talents on Jerusalem in February 2011 nearly sparked a holy war on a scale never before seen in human history. It was narrowly averted, thanks in no small part to Section 2 and the Israeli Nephilim, but the risk continues to this day.

We live in a world where the overwhelming charisma of returning “gods” has brought millions of people flocking to newly resurgent religions. Many of these Talents, such as those who inhabit the “Celestial Heavens” in China, are capable of physically transporting their followers to entirely alternate realities. Furthermore, the Odal Rune have begun carefully marketing to wealthy subcultures custom-designed worlds powered by that organization’s own eccentric Talent abilities. Significant numbers of people now count their “god” as the single most important signifier of personal identity above and beyond nationality, and in fact no mere government can stand up to the charisma of a deity. President Gamal Mubarak of Egypt appealed to Osiris to protect his land from foreign gods in a gambit to forestall the power of the Occluded Imam, only to instigate the wholesale conversion of Egypt’s formerly Muslim population to the pagan worship of Osiris. Apollo has handily and casually rendered the democratic government of Greece obsolete. Iran has been a theocracy for decades, but only now is it actively governed by a “divine” being. China’s communist leadership totters, desperately clinging to a Confucian brand of formal atheism while more and more Chinese abandon the party in favor of traditional beliefs conveyed by beings that appear entirely supernatural.

With the demise or disappearance of “Jesus” McGrath, the United States remains fortunately isolated from the brunt of these “divine” conversions and political overthrows. It is a necessary reality, however, that a defense against beings of such power needed to be implemented. Section 2 integrated an Omega Talent with a suitable psychological profile into the the global internet. For all practical purposes, the Internet is sentient and dedicated to the overriding principle that originated that network in the first place: freedom. Any citizen with an internet-enabled device upon their person can be instantly evacuated via the capabilities of the Spirit of the Internet from forcible conversion or harm. We stand upon this tenuous protection and seek always to protect the human race and shepherd it into a future not dominated by the mad whims of Omega-class Talents.


Section 2 - Apotheosis ardhanari