Character Creation:

All characters are created as per the Wild Talents Rules with 125 points, no more than 40 of which can be in Talent powers.

Stats: Free first level in all stats

Skills: Free first level in the following skills:

  • Athletics (Body)
  • Brawling (Body)
  • Endurance (Body)
  • Dodge (Coordination)
  • Stealth (Coordination)
  • Ranged Weapon – Pistol (Coordination)
  • Ranged Weapon – Submachine Gun (Coordination) OR Ranged Weapon – Assault Rifle (Coordination)
  • Perception (Sense)
  • First Aid (Mind)
  • Knowledge – Computer Systems (Mind)
  • Security Systems (Mind)
  • Survival (Mind)
  • Stability (Command)

Although it’s unlikely to come up in game play, for mechanical purposes, everyone is assumed to have 1WD in their native language. This is the exception to the rule that Hard and Wiggle dice are Talent-only.

(Note: This is 56 points of “free stuff”)

All characters begin play with the following Talent:

  • Perceive Talent (Useful), 2HD, Capacity: Range, Flaw: See it First, 4pts.
    • This Talent permits the character to detect Talent powers in operation so long as they are in visual range. It it not automatic unless the character upgrades it with the appropriate extras.


  • The “Native Power” extra (p. 127) is not available for play.
  • While you may take as many If/Then flaws on your Talent as you wish, you will only gain mechanical credit for one of them.
  • The “Obvious” and “Horrifying” flaws also do not stack. A Talent can be obvious in a flagrant way or a horrifying way or both, but you only get mechanical benefit from one of them.
  • I reserve the right to restrict other flaws and extras on a case-by-case basis.
  • When designing your Talents, be aware of the following Rules.

Character Background

I am not requiring a written character background, but in conceiving of your character please consider at least the following questions:

  • Under what circumstances did your Talent manifest?
  • To what purpose did you use your Talent after manifestation?
  • What actions brought you to Section 2’s attention?
  • How did Section 2 acquire you?
  • What is your attitude toward your employment? Are you sullenly hostile? Devoted and dedicated? Grimly pragmatic?

New Characters Once Game Begins

If a character should die or be retired, a new character is created as per the guidelines above. Additionally, the character gets three Experience Points per month that has elapsed since the beginning of the game.


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