The Connection

  • Classification: Criminal Cartel
  • Affiliation: Global
  • Location: Nomadic
  • Talent Resources: 7 known core leaders, undetermined additional loosely affiliated resources

The Connection is a globe-spanning Talent-powered criminal and smuggling network employing powerful operatives with special operations training.

Known high-level members:

  • Timothy Andreson – Large-scale cargo transportation
  • Sophie Ganeaux – Talent thief, infamous for stealing every sacred site in Jerusalem
  • Michael Lynch – Temporal manipulation
  • Anya Petrov – Muscle, subversion
  • Wamwara – Talent theft and transfer
  • Hsu Xiaofeng – Infiltration and Subversion
  • Obadiah Yaghmaie – Transportation and cargo defense

Classified: The Connection is a front organization operating under the oversight of Section 2. Members are deep-cover Operatives.

The Connection

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